Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club is located in the be- autiful pearl of the South China Sea. The third st- age of the marina project is built by Horizon Marina, and has been put into use on November 2018. The marina has been well equipped

CISM Military World Games Sailing Dock

This marina is located in Donghu, which is one of the largest lakes in the middle of the city in China. The 7th World Military Games in 2019 is scheduled to be held at this marina.

Haikou Bay Noational Marine Park Public Marina

This marina is located in Xixiu beach in Haikou, b- ecoming the largest public marina in Asia with 610 berths, and it is the Southern Headquarter of Chine se Yachting Association and its designated train- ing base. The 2018 China Sailing

Shenzhen International Airport Marina Floating Doc

This marina is located at Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Port, with 4 meter wide pontoons for both pedest- rian and golf carts. It's well equipped with facilities for yacht berthing and maintenance, sailing and training.

Beijing Tongzhou Canal Marina

Beijing Canal Marina is located in the heartland of the new Tongzhou city. In ancient times, it was the starting point for the Emperor to go down to the so- uth of Yangtze River from the Beijing Hangzhou Gra- nd Canal. Nowadays, it becomes

Dapeng Yacht Club Marina

Shenzhen Dapeng Yacht Club is invested by Baon- eng Holdings (China) Co., Ltd, located on the ma- gnificent Dapeng Peninsula. The construction ar- ea is about 4300 square meters with 230 berths, ca- pable of berthing 150 feet superyacht.

Qinhuangdao West Port Marina

This marina used to be a workboat wharf, it has been transformed into a harbour for yachts and sailboats with 58 berths. And it is the conventional venue of The Hegang Cup Qinghuangdao International Re- gatta.

Shanghai Disneyland Park Floating Dock

Shanghai Disney Lake Park Floating Dock is located in the artificial lake of Shanghai Disneyland, Com- posed of dozens of floating docks, divided into a dining boat dock, as shopping village water view pier, water features on the p

Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club Marina

Jiangzhongzhu Yacht Club is located in the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal (national first-class port) of Jiangmen High-tech district. It is a start-up proje- ct in the new marine industry chain constructed by Jiangmen Zhongxin Group wit

Luoyuan Bay Yacht Club

Luoyuan Bay Yacht Club is planned with about 6000 mu of lake, capable of providing various services ra- nging from yacht charter, maintenance, repairing, skill training to water entertainment. There are twin marina, starred club and show

Indonesian West Lombok Marina

Lombok Marina Del Ray is the first Integrated Marina Facility in Indonesia that is a International Cleara- nce Port for Foreign Yachts, The first stage have a pr- ovisions facility for Superyachts, Indonesia first Inter- national Yacht Race called

Seaplane Floating Dock at Velana International Air

Velana International Airport is the key project of One Belt One Road, representing the friendship be- tween Maldives and China. This project is designed and managed by AECOM along with other world- renowned design and consulting t