Aluminum Gangway

1.  Gangway made by marine grade  6061 T6  aluminum alloy , with anodized surface and  strengthed durable structure.

2.  WPC and preserved decking for option.

3.  Fixed  by  hinges,  scroll  wheel  in nylon or PU rollers are placed in the bottom to adapte tide movement.

4.  All fastener screws  sets are made of  AISI 316 stainless steel.

5.  Customized size  for customers' option.

Aluminum pontoon

1. Frame and Chassis are in  marine  grade  aluminum alloy 6061 T6,MIG welding.

2. WPC and preserved decking for option.

3. High  Density  Polyethylene  floating,  filled  with  15kgs/m3  EPS.

4. Rubber  fenders  absorb  impact  for  better   protection.

5. Utility line space on both sides of pontoon.

6.Flexible connection between  the  pontoons can effectively reduce the impact of wind and waves. 

Steel structure pontoon

The steel-structure pontoon has been widely adopt-ed , because of its  hypertension, gigantic stiffness, 

light - weight and  convenience of construction  as well.

1.National standard steel, hot-dip galvanized  (thick-

ness 85μ), Lifaspan: ≥  15 years.

2.Rubber fenders for both sides

3.The decking could be selected from preserved wood, hardwood or WPC.

PE floating box

1, It is an monobloc rotational 2 skins,with UV ray and fire propagation proof.
2, Floating attached to pontoon chassis by AISI3 16 stanless steel bolts.
3, Fiiling with 15 kg/m3 EPS foam inside.
4, Variable freeboard capability,variable live loading capability

PE/Rubber Fender

Fender for floating dock

Concrete pontoon

Main features:   High strength structure,  hign  floating capacity, great stability


1. Concrete pontoon is precasted with special model

and reinforcement concrete,filled with 18KG/m EPS.

2. The  concrete is  reseved  the  holes  for water pipes

and cables.

3. Lifaspan: 30 years.

4. Concrete  Pontoon  also  can  be  used  as  Floating


Pile Guide

Pile  is  the most widely used for anchoring  floating

docks,  there  are  steel  pipe  and  PHC  pile for op-

tion. The pontoon is anchored to piles with PU roller

pile  guides  to adapt the tide movement.

Articulated strut

The articulated strut  connected the floating  dock

to the offshore  to adapt  different water level cha-

nges. This anchoring system generally used  in  priv-

ate marinas or  small projects.

Anchor chain

Chain  Mooring  is  a  common  anchoring  method.

Pontoons are  moored  to  the  seabed  with  concr-

ete blocks placed in certain locations.

The weight and size of the  concrete  anchor  block

need to be  customized  to  meet  specific  environ-

mental requirements.

Suitable for low tide movement area.

The Material of chain could  be hot-dip  galvanized

steel or AISI316 stainless steel.


With  the  Seaflex  Mooring  System,  pontoons   are

anchored by   concrete   blocks   with  elastic  fiber

rubber rope.Tension anchoring device is very  stro-

ng and  stable  to enable the pontoon to  maintain

the same horizontal position a nd  freeboard  heig-

ht  as  the  tide  changes.  Floating  capacity adjust

range within 70%.

Concrete float

Concrete Floating is made in unique  molding  with

a  smooth  surface.  Filling  with 18kg/m3  EPS  foam  

which help to ensure high  loading capacity. Co-

ncrete  floating have high-strength, durability, go-

od stability characteristics. lifespan30 years.

Modular Dock

Size:  500*500*400 mm (l*w*h)  ± 3 mm

Weight: about 7 kg ± 0.2 kg

Material: High molecular weight high density poly-

ethylene (HMWHDPE) 

Mooring cleat

AISI 316L stainless steel or Aluminum cleat for option.


specification: 2.5 T / 5 T/ 10T.


Aluminum Mooring Cleat

AISI316 Stainless Steel Mooring Cleat

Service pedestal

2 sockets and 4 sockets  service  bollard  for  option

Supply  water  and electricity power for two yachts

or four yachts.

Equipped with sockets, electric meters, MCB, light-

ing, photoelectric sensors, faucets, etc.

Smart card management for option.



Aluminum Alloy / AISI316 Stainless Steel

Spec.:16A/32A/63A/125A sckots for option.


Aluminum Alloy Case

AISI316 Stainless Steel Case

WPC decking

1. Eco material, made of plastic  and  wood  by

high temperature with scientific production fo-


2. Anti-slip grooved surface, tickness 25 mm.

3. Low temperature & salt water resistance.

4. WPC is one of  the  best  materials  for  marina